STIMULUS SOFTWARE MailArchiva is an email archiving, discovery and forensics platform that helps retain, organize and mine email data


  • Discover
    • Query builder - Search using query builder or powerful query language
    • Flexible queries - Execute flexible and accurate search queries
    • Search reports - Generate report on search results
    • Search inside - Search inside attachment content
    • Unattended search - Bookmark frequently used search queries and run unattended
  • Collaborate
    • Social charts - Chart social relations between users
    • Discussions - Tag relevant items and share notes with users
    • Shared mailboxes - Share access to mailboxes with multiple users or groups
    • Browse folders - Browse mailbox folders, calendar and contacts and view changes over time
  • Export
    • Bulk export - Restore data
    • Restore data - Restore data to mailboxes
  • Monitor & Analyze
    • Authenticity report - Analyse authenticity of email data
    • Traffic analysis - Analyse traffic breakdown over time, by direction or attachment type
    • Charts & alerts - View real-time charts and status alerts
  • Comply With Legislation
    • Journal envelopes - Index and display journal envelope fields
    • Retention policy - Define retention policies andhold specific items
    • Audit trail - Maintain a detailed audit trail of all system activity
    • Tamper-proof - Protect against tempering of archive data
  • Archive
    • Document types - Archive emails, calendars and contacts
    • Object storage - Archive to object storage or compound archive files
    • Auto rollover - Rollover data into separate volumes per size or date
    • Auto backup - Auto backup of incoming data
    • Data import - Import data from common formats
  • Accessibility
    • Browser access - Search from anywhere using a web browser or from within Outlook
    • Mail server agnostic - Supports most mail servers and services (e.g. MS Exchange, Office 365, GSuite and others)
    • Internationalization - Multi language and region support
    • Operating systems - Runs on Windows, Linux and Solaris
    • Online Help - Context sensitive help & online knowledge base
  • Security
    • 2-Factor auth - Login using SMS based authentication
    • Confidential - Data encrypted using AES-256
    • Certificates - Manage certificates and TLS used throughout
    • Anti-virus - Scan for viruses
    • Authentication - Login to web console using Active Directory, Azure, GSuite or LDAP credentials
  • Save On Storage Costs
    • Compression - Compress data by up to 60%.
    • De-duplication - De-duplicate email and attachment data



  • MailArchiva On- Premise
  • MailArchiva Cloud
  • MailArchiva MSP

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