Rapid7 InsightIDR is your security center for incident detection and response, authentication monitoring, and endpoint visibility. InsightIDR identifies unauthorized access from external and internal threats and highlights suspicious activity so you donít have to weed through thousands of data streams.


Rapid7 InsightIDR Features :

  • User Behavior Analytics - By continuously baselining healthy user activity in your organization, InsightIDR extends beyond defined indicators of compromise to reliably detect attackers masking as company employees.
  • Attacker Behavior Analytics - The expert analysts working in our SOCs live and breathe attacker behavior every day. As they identify new threats, they're looking for signs that can help detect such activity in the future, even earlier in the attack chain. We're constantly turning their knowledge into useful, actionable detections known as Attacker Behavior Analytics.
  • Endpoint Detection and Visibility - With comprehensive coverage across the modern environment, InsightIDR goes beyond the scope of traditional SIEMs to provide highly reliable threat detection out of the box and advanced environment visibility when teams need it, to spot attacks early. While many Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools become shelfware, our detections-first approach allows our team to capture even more data and add critical visibility into what happened before or after an alert. With InsightIDR, customers can leverage Rapid7ís universal Insight Agent to access real-time endpoint scanning and threat detection alerts out of the box.
  • Network Traffic Analysis- Rapid7 is excited to announce that Network Traffic Analysis is available for InsightIDR customers. Rapid7 acquired NetFort, a leading provider of security analytics and automation, in Spring 2019. This functionality represents the first wave of new capabilities fueled by NetFort technology into the Insight platform.
  • Centralized Log Management - InsightIDR correlates the millions of daily events in your environment directly to the users and assets behind them to highlight risk across your organization and prioritize where to search. And our cloud-based architecture behind the Rapid7 Insight platform delivers a smooth search across your logs and automates compliance without worrying about racks of hardware
  • Visual Investigation Timeline - If youíre like the 62% of organizations that report getting more alerts than they can investigate, then youíre likely all too familiar with piecing together user activity, gathering endpoint data, and validating known good behavior just to uncover yet another false positive. InsightIDR unites log search, user behavior, and endpoint data in a single timeline to help you make smarter, faster decisions. How much faster? Customers report accelerating their investigations by as much as 20x.

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