TENABLE.cs Cloud Security



TENABLE.cs Cloud Security

Tenable.cs (Cloud Security) secures cloud environments across your Software development life cycle, from IaC and container image security during development, to configuration drift and vulnerable workloads during runtime. Security starts on the left, where it's faster, cheaper, and easier to fix problems. We secure IaC before deployment, maintain a secure posture in runtime, and control drift by synchronizing configuration between runtime and IaC. The IaC remains the single source of truth, eliminating the need for complex and brittle manual processes.


Tenable.cs (Cloud Security) benefits :

  • Prevent Security Issues - Identify and remove cloud flaws during development before they ever reach production.
  • Accelerate Response - Automatically deliver remediations back to developers via merge requests.
  • Enforce Consistent Policies - Take advantage of 1,800 policies across all leading standards, or create your own.
  • Improve Collaboration - Improve communication between security, cloud operations and DevOps for greater efficiency.
  • Gain Unified Visibility - Understand your security posture of cloud environments alongside your on-prem assets.

Key capabilities:

  • Secure Infrastructure as Code - Assess Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates, including Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager and Kubernetes, for policy violations. Integrate cloud infrastructure security into the DevOps pipeline to prevent security issues from reaching production. Quickly remediate IaC misconfigurations directly in development tools to enforce policies in both build-time and runtime.
  • Prevent Cloud Posture Drift - Identify discrepancies between IaC and your running cloud environment. Ensure your source of truth is always up to date, and enforce your security controls at runtime.
  • Auto Remediate Vulnerabilities - Automatically provide fix suggestions via pull or merge requests to reduce the burden on your development teams and meet developers in the tools they know. This ensures the quickest time to remediation to achieve compliance.
  • Visibility into Cloud Assets - Continuously discover and assess cloud assets without the need to install agents, configure a scan or manage credentials. Detect security issues quickly as new vulnerabilities are disclosed and as your cloud environment changes with instances spinning up and down.
  • Contextualize Risks - Understand application vulnerabilities in the context of their infrastructure configurations to gain a true picture of the risk they present. Understand the breach paths and prioritize their remediation.
  • Govern Compliance - Assess and document compliance to industry standards and established best practices such as CIS, PCI, GDPR. Take advantage of over 1,800 policies across 10 standards for comprehensive assessment. You can also create custom policies based on your individual needs.
  • Kubernetes & Container Security - Gain visibility into the secure posture of your container images and infrastructure. Integrate security testing of new container images and Kubernetes configurations into DevOps pipelines to ensure new builds and IaC are compliant with enterprise policies. View vulnerability data, package inventories and misconfigurations of all your container images and Kubernetes infrastructure. Sync container images from third-party registries to continuously assess them for newly discovered vulnerabilities. Keep Kubernetes deployments secure and prevent configuration drift.
  • Runtime Security for Cloud Infrastructure - Enforce your policies on your running cloud environment. Real-time alerting and remediation will ensure compliance. Policies are unified from IaC to cloud. Generate reports to demonstrate your security posture in the field over time

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