AUTOMOX Platform




AUTOMOX Platform


Automox is the IT operations platform for modern organizations. It makes it easy to keep cross-platform endpoints patched, configured, controlled and secured - without servers to manage or VPNs. Using thoughtful automation, IT admins can fix critical vulnerabilities faster, slash cost and complexity, and win back hours in their day.


Automox features:

  • SINGLE, SECURE-BY-DESIGN ENDPOINT AGENT - Automox® agent is lightweight and deployable across Microsoft Windows®, macOS®, or Linux endpoints. The Automox agent is responsible for software and patch deployment, monitoring, and process operations on the endpoint. The Automox agent uses privileged access to the endpoint and has multiple security features built to safeguard the endpoint from eavesdropping and unwanted access attempts.
  • VPN-FREE MANAGEMENT - Automox is a simple, light, versatile endpoint management that can patch, configure, and control any endpoint anytime, anywhere. With Automox, you eradicate the need for legacy tools such as patch servers (or any hardware), clunky VPN connections, or multiple solutions for different OS platforms. Instead, patch, deploy, configure, and remediate vulnerabilities from one VPN-free platform. With Automox's zero-maintenance solution, managing your devices is simple. As a result, you significantly lower your endpoint management costs while delivering high strategic value to your organization without the hassle.
  • SCALABLE FOUNDATION - The Automox platform architecture uses a clustered design to ensure high availability, reliability, and flexibility to scale up or down quickly on demand. Automox leverages the AWS concepts of Regions and Availability Zones to provide services and data that are safe, secure, and continuously available. In addition, Automox follows frequently tested backup and restore procedures to ensure the highest reliability and security. However, even with spikes caused by outside factors, Automox ensured lower risk levels were brought into remediation within a short time frame.
  • SECURITY-FOCUSED DEVELOPMENT - Automox follows a modern software development process that focuses on quality and security, employing the latest technologies for the highest level of reliability. Before deployment to production, all product releases undergo rigorously automated and manual testing in a staging environment to catch and eliminate operational and security issues.
  • ENFORCED ACCESS POLICIES AND LOGGING - Automox implements Identity and Access Management policies and partitioned access to systems for staff in adopting best practices and alignment to the principle of least privilege. Need-based access is granted on a per-employee basis and regularly reviewed. Monitoring software is used to track all server logins and privileged command execution, alerting on any anomalous activity. All activity logs are written to centrally located and hardened servers and monitored using OSSEC and other tools 24x7.
  • Patch management - Perform continuous patching of OS and third-party applications. Patches can be pulled down directly by the Automox agent or from a locally maintained WSUS server that is a trusted source of patches reachable by the agent.
  • Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR) - Even with the best vulnerability detection solutions, remediation can be very manual. You can minimize exposure windows and discover unmanaged endpoints with Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR). Delaying critical vulnerability remediation means leaving your organization defenseless against cyberattacks. With AVR, you get full-cycle remediation to close your exposure window in minutes.
  • Third-Party Patching - Manage, configure, and track third-party inventory and natively patch it all from one place. The fatigue and frustration of managing third-party software can be a distant memory with Automox. We take care of third-party patching, maintenance, and deployments with minimal uplift for IT. With a growing list of supported third-party vendors, effortless patching starts here.
  • Multi-OS support
  • Complete endpoint visibility
  • Software deployment
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Pre-built reports
  • Task and workflow automation
  • Remote Control

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