GOTO Resolve


GOTO Resolve



GOTO Resolve - refreshingly simple, all-in-one IT support, fortified with zero trust security for unparalleled ease and peace of mind.


Key benefits:

  • Conversational ticketing - plugs IT support right into the messaging tools your teams are already using.
    • Create, manage, and close support tickets from within Microsoft Teams or Slack (coming soon!)
    • Start remote sessions over messaging
    • Use web-based ticketing, conversational ticketing, or a combination to fit your needs
  • Mobile Device Support - Provide fast, frictionless remote technical support for virtually all Android, Chrome OS, or iOS devices.
    • Join sessions directly via SMS, PIN, link, or email
    • Chat with agents via web browser or app
    • Hand off or record mobile support sessions
  • Security Architecture - Enterprise-grade security meets consumer-grade ease of use to securely keep your systems running.
    • Banking-grade encryption
    • Streamlined access management and provisioning
    • Multi-factor authentication, SSO, and more
  • IT Automation - Unattended access and multi-session handling let agents and employees get more done, every day.
    • Push scripts and tasks
    • Leverage pre-written scripts
    • First-of-its-kind zero trust access controls with remote execution

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