QUALYS Cloud Platform



QUALYS Cloud Platform

Qualys Cloud Platform provides an end-to-end solution, allowing you to avoid the cost and complexities that come with managing multiple security vendors. The Qualys Cloud Platform automatically gathers and analyzes security and compliance data in a scalable, state-of-the-art backend. Provisioning any of Qualys' natively integrated security and compliance apps - twenty and counting - is as easy as checking a box.


With the Cloud Agent technology, there's no need to schedule scan windows or manage credentials for scanning. What's more, our Continuous Monitoring service lets you proactively address potential threats. Whenever new vulnerabilities and threats, attacks or suspicious activities appear, real-time alerts notify you immediately so you can take action - whether that's globally deploying the most relevant superseding patch with a single click, quarantining vulnerable assets or files, uninstalling software, killing process and network connections, and much more.


Cloud Apps :

  • Asset Management
    • Global IT Asset Inventory - It's Free!

    • CMDB Sync

    • Certificate Inventory
  • IT Security

    • Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response

      - Discover, assess, prioritize, and patch critical vulnerabilities in real-time and across your global hybrid-IT landscape - all from a single app.
    • Threat Protection
    • Continuous Monitoring

    • Patch Management

    • Endpoint Detection and Response

    • Indication of Compromise

    • Certificate Assessment

  • Cloud/Container Security

    • Cloud Inventory

    • Cloud Security Assessment

    • Container Security

  • Web Application Security

    • Web Application Scanning

    • Web Application Firewall

  • Compliance

    • Policy Compliance

    • Security Configuration Assessment

    • PCI Compliance

    • File Integrity Monitoring

    • Security Assessment Questionnaire

    • Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment

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