TENABLE.ad Active Directory



TENABLE.ad Active Directory

TENABLE.ad Active Directory proactive, risk-based approach to AD security enables you to see all of your vulnerabilities, predict which pathways attackers may target, and act to detect, shut down and prevent attacks.


Proactively discover and prioritize weaknesses within your existing Active Directory domains and reduce your exposure by following Tenable.ad's step-by-step remediation guidance. By hardening your Active Directory, you can stop attackers in their tracks, eliminate their potential movements and ensure that fewer breaches result in escalated privileges, lateral movement or malware execution.


Flexible, lightweight deployment secures your Active Directory wherever it extends -- from on-prem to the cloud.
. No Agents. No Privileges. No Delays .
Prevents and detects sophisticated Active Directory attacks
without agents and privileges.
. Clouds Covered
Check the security of Azure Active Directory Domain Services,
AWS Directory Service, or Google Managed Service for Active
Directory in real time.
. Deployed Anywhere
Tenable.ad provides the flexibility of two architectural designs.
On-prem to keep your data on-site and under your control.
SaaS, so you can leverage the cloud.


Tenable.ad features :

  • Discover the underlying issues affecting your Active Directory
  • Identify dangerous trust relationships
  • Catch every change in your AD
  • Make the link between AD changes and malicious actions
  • Analyze in-depth details of attacks
  • Explore MITRE ATT&CK descriptions directly from incident details

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