With Tenable One, organizations can now translate technical asset,
vulnerability and threat data into clear business insights and actionable
intelligence for security executives and practitioners. The platform combines
the broadest vulnerability coverage spanning IT assets, cloud resources,
containers, web apps and identity systems, builds on the speed and breadth
of vulnerability coverage from Tenable Research, and adds comprehensive
analytics to prioritize actions and communicate cyber risk. Tenable One
allows organizations to:
. Gain comprehensive visibility across the modern attack surface
. Anticipate threats and prioritize efforts to prevent attacks
. Communicate cyber risk to make better decisions



Tenable One features :

  • Global Exposure View - Provides for focused security efforts through clear, concise insight into an organization's security exposure answering such critical questions as "how secure are we" and "where do we stand
    in our preventative and mitigation efforts." "How are we doing over time and what are the key events?" allowing for a unified global exposure score drawn from a variety of different data sources.
  • External Attack Surface Management - Insight into the external attack surface, allowing organizations to identify and reduce risks from the attacker's perspective.
  • Attack Path Assessment - Attack path visualization and prioritization capabilities provide a preemptively focused response to disrupt the paths attackers may take. It performs this function by mapping critical risks to
    the MITRE ATT&CK framework to visualize all viable attack paths continuously - both on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Centralized Asset Inventory - Eliminate blind spots. Comprehensive Asset Inventory provides full visibility into all assets regardless of data source (VM, WAS, Active Directory, etc). This centralized view of assets from a variety of data sources allows for the creation of specific asset
    tags that combine various asset types.
  • Risk-based Vulnerability Management - Reduces vulnerabilities across the attack surface by dynamically prioritizing remediation based on the real-world risks they pose and incorporating this threat intelligence information into measurements of an organization's exposure to risk.
  • Comprehensive Assessment - Insight into the cyber exposure of all assets, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other potential
    security threats.
  • Secure Active Directory - Disrupts attacks to Active Directory by enabling organizations to see everything, predict what matters, and address risk in AD.
  • Secure Cloud Infrastructure - Complete and continuous visibility and remediations of exposures across all cloud resources and assets.
  • Kubernetes & Container Security - Secure scanning of container images without sending images outside of an organization's network.
  • Automated Web Application Scanning - Provides comprehensive and accurate vulnerability scanning with full visibility of IT, cloud and web application vulnerabilities.
  • Peer Benchmarking - Compare cyber exposure between business units or locations internally, and against industry peers externally, to determine
    where and when to make key human and financial investments.
  • Program Effectiveness Metrics - Remediation maturity measurements provide context to risk mitigation efforts. Addresses such questions as "How effective are we in meeting our internally set SLAs?"
  • News - Integration with Tenable Research blogs allow for creation
    of custom exposure cards that reflect cyber security
  • Backed by Tenable Research - World-class cyber exposure intelligence, data science insights, alerts and security advisories.
  • Flexible Licensing - A new approach to asset licensing - that is as fluid as your attack surface. All-inclusive licensing provides the flexibility to dynamically reallocate licensing between IT, cloud, containers, web applications and AD users

Tenable One StaEnteprndard bundle contains:

- Tenable.io Vulnerability Management

- Tenable.io Web Application Scanning

- Tenable.ad Active Directory

- Tenable.cs Cloud Security

- Tenable Lumin


Tenable One Enterprise adds:

- Tenable.asm Attack Surface Management

- Tenable Attack Path Analysis



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