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TENABLE Nessus Expert

TENABLE Nessus® Expert expands upon Nessus Professional to understand risk beyond traditional IT assets by providing assessment for your infrastructure as code (IaC) deployments and discovering assets exposed to the internet - all under one roof.


With the emergence of cloud services and infrastructure, deploying new apps and workloads can be simple to do. But, with speed and agility comes a tradeoff of additional, unknown cyber risks within those environments. There are existing solutions designed to protect the cloud, but they are applied too late. Nessus Expert allows you to scan your IaC code repositories before pushing to production to prevent unknown risk.


Nessus Expert features :

  • Establish a proactive approach to vulnerability assessment for cloud workloads.
  • Discover unknown security issues as part of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Scan for disruptive and costly vulnerabilities before code is deployed.
  • Discover internet-connected assets that were previously unknown to the organization
  • Kick off assessment scans for newly identified assets
  • Understand risk and close the gap for assets outside of your perimeter

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